Design is a field of constant learning, a new way of expression and of looking into reality, besides being an universal language capable not only of reflecting what’s going on around us, but also of re-shaping the world we live in and of anticipating the day-to-day pace of life.

The constant evolution of graphic design and illustration, the new ways and methods that keep coming up daily increases my motivations and interests to keep working on this field.

The selection, the catalogue I present collects the variety & diversity that my work as a designer allows me to experiment; just like the continuous profesional development that I seem to discover on each project that I face.

“Quino Melguizo was born in Málaga in 1990. He graduated from Graphic Design at Istituto Europeo di Design in Madrid. He has been working freelance since 2011.


Clarity, simplicity and elegance are adjectives that express what his works reflect. Although full of details that italicizes both his personal view and his distinctive style in all of his works.


Flexibility and ability to shape to every project’s needs becomes obvious when taking a close look at his selection of works, but without giving up his point of view on design or his personal opinions”.

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