Complete proposal of a clean graphic line for the VIII Edition of Sound and Interactive Art Series ‘In Sonora’, celebrated in Madrid, 2014.

Date: Mar 2014

Role: Designer

Client: VII Muestra de Arte Sonoro e Interactivo In-Sonora

Series’ logo adaptation based on selected aesthetics.
Design and layout for the informative program and the signage for different spaces and participating artworks in the series.
Creation of a dot system and a dot canvas based on repetition. Designed and animated in 3D.
In-Sonora Regular TTF
Development of display font similar to the dot system display seen on the video teaser.
Adaptation of the BIDI Code to the graphic line.
Graphic adaptation for the official website and different social networks of the series.
Static image and video teaser based on flip dot display, formerly found on buses and stations.

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