In this short film we find ourselves in a near future, where there is control of the information that we generate with our daily actions and interactions. The way we perceive the world has changed with technology, finding our problems solved in a way we never thought of before. Human relationships have been simplified to numbers, our worries lessened by the accessibility that devices present to us. But who owns that information? Who is making a profit out of it? Have we lost somehow sense of reality?

Date: Nov 2014

Role: Director

The Eye of Horus, or Udyat ‘the one who is complete’, was a symbol of magical powers, protective, purifying, healing, solar symbol that incarnated order, the unshakeable, the perfect state. The Udyat is a symbol of cosmic stability.
Icons are displayed around the main element, creating a hierarchical organized interface.
The Icons are representatives of basic elements included in various interfaces.
Horus was a son of Osiris, a god who was murdered by his own brother Seth. Horus held a series of fierce battles against Seth, to avenge his father. During this battles the contenders suffered multiple injuries and some vital losses, such was the mutilation of Horus’ left eye. But, thanks to the intervention of Toth, the Eye of Horus was substituted by the Udyat, so the god could regain sight. This new eye was special and had magic traits.

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